Talking about my experience is healthy for me, that is why I love doing it so much. At the same time, I get to educate people, however more importantly, I get to influence people. Be that in a corporate keynote speaking setting or an informal setting, influencing people is important.

​My main goal for each presentation I give, is to influence one single person that is present. I just want one person to look into their own mental health or to give them the courage to seek assistance if they are struggling mentally.

​Speaking to five or 500 people, the agenda remains the same. I tell my story in its deepest depths and don't hold back, but do so in an empathetic way to ensure that I do my best not to trigger any person in the audience. I feel more comfortable on stage opening up than I do in most other places, it is a kind of a home to me but at the same time, I am highly vulnerable and authentic. I have to be, there is no hiding from the mental health conditions that I live with.  

​Tailoring my presentation to your needs is an easy process and I am more than happy to do that. Driving the mental health message is a passion of mine so please don't hesitate to contact me and discuss what your requirements are.

My fees are what I believe what I am worth and what value I bring, whilst also being reasonable. 

Either hit the "book me" button at the top or contact me at to have a chat about your event and what you are looking for.

Thank you